Admission Process


Parents who have inquired with us are informed of all the required documents and steps in the admissions process through an email, which includes the exact schedule of application forms. Application forms are issued based on the vacancies existing in the grade applied for in the following year.

  1. Procurement of Application Forms: The application fee can be paid in cash or by cheque. Cheques must be made in favour of KDMA International School. Families with more than one child must submit a separate application for each student. The application form and supporting documents must be submitted to the school within seven working days. Required documents include: 

      • proof of date of birth (i.e. Birth Certificate or passport);
      • reports of the previous three years (if applicable);
      • most updated report of the current academic year (if applicable); and
      • relevant certificates regarding any medical concerns; and documents related to special learning needs (if applicable)
  1. Registration of Application Form: The completed application form along with relevant documents must be submitted within 7 working days of having procured the application form.

  1. Interaction with Student: The interaction is designed to familiarize your child with the school environment, understand his/her strengths and what makes him/her unique. The interaction is scheduled once the completed application form has been received and processed.

  2. Interaction with Parents: After the student interaction, a school staff member will meet with the parent as well. This is an opportunity for us to meet with both parents one-on-one, learn more about your family’s goals for your child’s education, and answer any remaining questions before admissions decisions are conveyed.

  1. Enrollment decisions may also be given on a rolling basis.